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Do you know that your allergies are a sign that there is something wrong with your surroundings? It could be caused by pollen, dust, smoke, bacteria, or viruses. 

These things are commonly found outdoors. With improper hygiene, these contaminants may find their way to your home through your HVAC system. 

Soon, you’ll find inhaling these airborne particles creating an allergic reaction or worse, developing into a respiratory illness. Studies show that the air we breathe is directly relevant to our health, psychological and emotional wellness as well as mood. 

Here at 20x30x1 Air Filter News, we promote a fact-oriented household for a better community. We provide guides for homeowners on choosing the best type of AC and Furnace filters. 

Find the right sizes. Know the best way to get the cheapest find. 

Our mission is to help you make the right decisions at home for cleaner indoor air you can breathe. Get your facts right, and make the right move, so you can save more for your future.

How Bad Habits Can Result In Pricey A/C Emergency Repairs

About 75% of domestic living spaces in the U.S. have a HVAC system that makes it a really good business but on the customer side, it needs an added cost yearly on repair work and maintenance. Among the elements that contribute to a much shorter life-span of your cooling and heating system are bad habits that could have been avoided long before the damage worsens.

Are you a regular adjuster of your thermostat? If yes, then you are most likely among the reasons that your heating and cooling is not like before. Often changing the thermostat will cause wear and tear to your a/c. Launching and closing down is one of the most tough processes in your air conditioner cycle.

How often do you conduct HVAC repair and maintenance? The recommended frequency of a/c upkeep is at least once a year. Some would point out their unit is doing its job quite well that you ignore the upkeep to conserve a couple of dollars.

Nevertheless, taking a pass from routine tuning up might just lead you to a much more costly repair in the future, or worse you may need a brand new unit.
Your air filter serves an important role in the maintenance of your HVAC unit. Once you stop working to alter your air filter, the dust will block your filter and restrict the airflow on your HVAC system.
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Unclean Filters and Their Effect to Your Health

There is more to your air filter. When you are outside, the trees function as a filter trapping co2 and other toxic elements processing it just before giving out oxygen as its result. In your home, it is your a/c that supplies you with the air you breathe. It keeps you cool throughout the dry season and keeps you warm during the chillier months. For you to breathe healthy indoor air, your air filter enacts a tree.

It cleans the air you breathe. Unlike a tree, an air filter needs to be replaced every 90 days so as not to endanger your indoor air quality. Poor air purification can cause breathing diseases and allergic reactions.

When searching for the best air filter replacement, examine the size placed on the side of your old filthy filter. Many air filters are gauged on their length, width, and thickness. You have an existing 20x30x1 air filter. When looking for an air filter replacement, inform your trusted manufacturer that you need that size. Purchasing air filters in pieces is more expensive than buying them in bulk or per 12 packs.

Selecting pleated electrostatic filters is an even better choice if you really want maximum filtering. Although they cost more, they do the dirty task even much better than their more affordable counterparts.

Absolutely nothing might go wrong by making it a routine of changing your air filters as part of your HVAC preservation. Altering your filter at least 4 times a year may simply extend the years of your a/c more than its expected lifespan and enhance your health in your home.